Test Installation


You can download the system (traXSIcon connector and traXSIcon configurator) for testing here.

To run the traXSIcon on your PC you will need a license key. Please see next chapter Installation & Configuration for detailed instructions.

Once you received the test license key you will be able to operate the system for testing. The test period is limited to 3 months. For this test period the traXSIcon.com web service will be available for you for a “Test Carrier”.

With this “Test Carrier” you can simulate data connection to carriers / forwarders using the traXSIcon Track Data Entry Portal.
The traXSIcon Track Data Entry Portal is basically a Data Entry View to enter T&T data manually.
This service is available also for production environment. You can let this be configured for certain carriers / forwarders which do not offer a data link.

Once you ordered traXSIcon service you will get a new license key. The software will be then enabled without limitation. The test environment can be kept.


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