How is traXSIcon working? - Configurator


The traXSIcon configurator

The traXSIcon Configurator is a tool to setup and monitor the operation. Ideally you won’t use this tool after the setup is done. But when you do the installation and for all new carriers to be setup the traXSIcon Configurator supports you: all necessary configuration and settings can be performed.

The traXSIcon Configurator is logging into your SAP system  to analyze the current settings. The configuration is done in online mode which allows you to follow the setup steps.

Within the "Connector Service"  box the connector can be installed and monitored, started / stopped.

In the right top box Checks and Configuration can be done for selected carriers and Exp Cadelivery companies.

In the Grid Section the results and status of the steps are listed under tab "Configuration".  "List of Carrier" will list all potential carriers setup already in your SAP system.

See Installation & Configuration for details.