Next Steps

What are the next steps?

Create Deliveries
This step will be business as usual. Within SAP customizing please make sure the partner "Forwarder" is enabled and will be found eg. by route determination. This will trigger the T&T relevance and is a requested for the traXSIcon interface.


Run Job to poll Trace & Track Data in SAP
See SAP report VVTR0011 (transaction VTRC_VVTR0011). You can run this manually or schedule a job (recommended). Even from eg. the delivery within transaction VL03N you can trigger the tracking data upload interactively:


Check Trace and Track Data in your System

Run Transaction VL03N (or VL32N), goto Header / Parcel tracking

From here you can trigger the trace and track data upate - see red box above.  When the job for report VVTR0011is scheduled this will be done automatically.

Another Option is the trans action code VTRK. Here you can read the tracking data by eg. Sales Order or Purchasing Document:

Execute will show the status message(s):




Other Options SAP:

- Using Workflow to trigger activities

- Reporting